GMS Solutions

Common Property Management & Maintenance Act 663 & Strata Title Act 318


GMS’s CSP comprehensive services cover all aspects of maintenance management such as conservancy and service contracts & insurance ,  security arrangements, energy audits, credit control, Custodial Maintenance ( day-to-day) routine maintenance activities. Planned Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance & Preventive Maintenance (Scheduled inspections, service, and repairs to maximize equipment life and reduce equipment breakdowns and service interruptions. These are works carried out at predetermined intervals or to within prescribed criteria and are intended to reduce the likelihood of an item not meeting an acceptable condition or to reduce the probability of failure or the performance degradation of a system. Careful preventive maintenance eliminates corrective and emergency repairs later).

We assist JMB/MC in the set-up of administrative and provide the system tool in property management systems needed for efficient control; financial and performance reports, budgets control, and secretarial services for AGMs and other meetings for Join Management Body (JMB) or Badan Pengurusan Bersama &  Management Corporations (MC).

Since living and working in Malaysia became more sophisticated, we have been consistently impressed by the quality of many of the real estate projects — genuinely world-class in many cases. But at the same time we have been left puzzled at the generally poor quality of the management of the completed properties. With some notable exceptions it seems to be the case that, following massive investment in world-class design and construction processes, there is then a failure to enhance or even maintain the value of the project through quality, best-in-class property management.

Some owners even follow a ‘Do it yourself’ approach which, without the necessary resources or system tool, is a bit like buying a state of the art Mercedes Benz with cutting edge technologies and then servicing it at home without the know-how.

The concept applies to all common property management regardless of the types of development. Is there a solution available to Badan Pengurusan Bersama / Joint Management Body (JMB) / Management Corporation (MC) who is desirous to self–manage? The Answer is YES. GMS provides total or partial outsourcing solutions to JMB/MC.

GMSSSB, providing one of the best property management and property maintenance and administration services in Malaysia. We provide the the expert solutions you need to undertake clerical, administration and accounting works from JMB/MC and we provide total property care and financial control with our expert property management and maintenance solutions and services with full compliance of ACT 663 & Act 318.