GMS Solutions Sdn Bhd (GMSSSB) is one of the few companies First to adopt

 a web-based Property Management software (PMS).

User friendly for easy tracking and retrieving information from the system. PM software is built-in with strict security protocol to monitor every input and can effectively prevent users from manipulating or carry out the illegal transaction by amending the account illegally. It provides real-time online monitoring feature to JMB and Finance . The system comes with 4 modules, which is property management account, financial account, Help Desk and preventive maintenance modules.

System Screen Shot Samples

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Property Management software (PMS) allows users to generate invoices, Issue Official receipts is auto-generated by serial numbering for easy tracking and bookkeeping. Current Debtor Aging, Outstanding statement of account is visible through this module and can be printed in hard copy by authorized users . Statements can be downloaded or send out by email.

The financial accounting module is the backbone of the system which utilize to generate monthly, annually and P&L reports. Creditors and debtors aging, etc.

Help Desk-Service Request/Resident Complaint Module to can track all complaints, monitor rectification/repairing works progress & reporting. Feedback to JMB or residents with easy apps application. Property managers can keep everyone updated almost instantly via the network.

Preventive Maintenance allows Property Manager to register all equipment and keep track of its services, license renewal, insurance renewal and service provider’s contracts.

Advance web-based property management system is well-secured and 99% data retrievable through pdf or excel file with ease.

Owner’s Information and account status , the data back is 24/7 back up, in the event of breakdown or disaster, the last entry is recoverable.

PMS with built-in App works well with all ranges of devices, from desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile smart phones.