About Us

GMS Solutions Sdn Bhd Incorporated since 18th November 2010 with, authorized capital at RM 500,000.00 with paid up capital at RM200, 000.00. GMS Solutions Sdn Bhd led by experienced personals that had been in the industry for more than 30 years. GMS Solutions S/B had registered CSP as our trademark as the standard of our business protocol, which utilize 1 of the few web-based accounting system to improve transparency and effectiveness in both cost and accuracy.

GMS Solutions Sdn Bhd (GMSSSB) is one of the few companies First to adopt

 a web-based Property Management software (PMS).

User friendly for easy tracking and retrieving information from the system. PM software is built-in with strict security protocol to monitor every input and can effectively prevent users from manipulating or carry out the illegal transaction by amending the account illegally. It provides real-time online monitoring feature to JMB and Finance . The system comes with 4 modules, which is property management account, financial account, Help Desk and preventive maintenance modules.


 Panel of Specialist Consultant

<h6>Joseph Ki & Associate</h6>

Joseph Ki & Associate

Architect / Interior Designer/ Planner

<h6>Jurutera Perunding LC Sdn Bhd</h6>

Jurutera Perunding LC Sdn Bhd

M & E engineer

<h6>McLarens Young International</h6>

McLarens Young International

Loss Adjuster

<h6>TeraJaya Sdn Bhd</h6>

TeraJaya Sdn Bhd

Lift & Elevator Consultant

<h6>Juruukar Tempatan Sdn Bhd</h6>

Juruukar Tempatan Sdn Bhd

Land Surveyor

<h6>Pn. Fazinah Binti Mustaffa</h6>

Pn. Fazinah Binti Mustaffa

Insurance Consultant

<h6>Fitsgerald Augustin &Co</h6>

Fitsgerald Augustin &Co

Panel of Solicitors/Legal Advisor on Civil and Criminal Laws

<h6>Chan & Partner</h6>

Chan & Partner

Legal Advisor Specialist in SMA 757, SMA 2013 (regulations & STA 318)

<h6>Juru Perunding Awam OJA</h6>

Juru Perunding Awam OJA

Civil & Structural Engineer

<h6>P.S Yap & Co</h6>

P.S Yap & Co

Auditor & accounting

<h6>Ezsolve Sdn Bhd</h6>

Ezsolve Sdn Bhd


<h6>MR. Tan Kim Sin</h6>

MR. Tan Kim Sin

Property Management Software Consultant



Advance Property Management Software Provider

GMS Solutions Shd Bhd also expert in various types of management and services:

  • Project planning (land development)
  • Project Development planning (inception states)
  • Budget & Service charge (SC) calculation (inception states) or budget revision
  • Vacant possession (VP) planning and handover (completion stage)
  • House Rules (pre-VP stage)
  • Implement best Accounting Practice & Management, rescuing bad accounting JMBs/MCs/Developers
  • Property management for both residential and commercial properties (Mixed Development)
  • Bad debt recovery services – credit control service
  • Power reduction (saving) Planning & re-engineering
  • Real estate – sale or purchase
  • Property Management Service
  • Record keeping & accounting service (CSP) Clerical Service provider
  • Sale and Purchase lands for Joint venture Development.
  • Building Audit, due diligence SOP and contracts
  • Insurance Claims
  • TNB over charging audit & claims
  • Technical trouble shooting
  • Taking over from the developer
  • Property manager for foreign owned property – estate, factory, Shop,
  • Condominium & resort.
  • Establish JMB or MC/RA